MJ Yarns ~ Jonathan Berner ~ Seattle, WA

Welcome to MJ Yarns! We are dedicated to all the things that make yarn a way of life. From yarns so soft they engulf you with wooly love to colors that make every inch of your project a fascinating discovery, you will come to adore everything MJ does.

The Where To Buy button lists local and online retailers. Many shops that don't offer online shopping carts are happy to take a phone order. MJ Yarns isnít available here, so if you want MJ Yarns in your LYS, just ask them to see our Wholesale Inquiries page.

The richness and depth of our subtle and sublime colorways are on display with virtual swatches on the Multi-Colors page and the Semi-Solids page; and finished projects from our yarns are displayed on the Gallery page. If you're looking for project ideas for MJ Yarns, you'll find we have some Free Patterns available above as well.

We love MJ Yarns here. We know you will too.

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