MJ Yarns ~ Yarn Bases

MJ Yarns colorways are currently offered on eight yarn bases and two fiber bases. All colorways are available on all bases.

Silken Lace
Lace Weight / 2-ply
80% Merino, 20% Silk
100g = 980 Yards
Handwash in Warm Water
Block to Dry
Silken Lace is a gorgeous blend of merino wool and silk. Itís carefully dyed to maintain the silkís sheen and is perfect for any number of lace patterns. The tightly spun yarn means that your heirloom piece will last for generations but the wool still maintains the drape and luscious texture that makes merino/silk so special.
Aurora Fingering
Fingering Weight / Single Ply
100% Superwash Merino
100g = 425 Yards
Machine Wash In Cool Water On Delicate
Block to Dry
Aurora Fingering pays homage to the princess Aurora and her spinning wheel. Aurora is a single ply yarn with just enough thick/thin to give it character. The merino used is spongy, light and a bit stronger than average merino to help your projects last. This yarn is raised and milled in the USA.
Opulent Fingering
Light Fingering Weight / 3-ply
80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon (MCN)
100g = 416 Yards
Machine Washable
Opulent fingering is MJís yarn for the most lovely projects around. The merino and cashmere make it a yarn you canít help but love. The nylon adds just enough strength to make sure your hard earned project will last. Itís superwash, too, for those who need the most pampered feet.
Rustic Fingering
Fingering Weight / 2-ply
100% Blue Faced Leicester (BFL)
100g = 450 Yards
Handwash in Warm Water
Lay Flat to Dry
Rustic Fingering is a gorgeous two ply yarn with loose spun plys giving it a hand spun appearance. It is 100% Blue Faced Leicester. This incredible fiber is surprisingly soft for its higher micron count and has a silk like sheen. Itís perfect for any number of projects, from blankets and scarfs to fingering weight lace.
Simple Sock Fingering
Light Fingering Weight / 3-ply
75% Corriedale Wool, 25% Nylon
100g = 380 Yards
Machine Washable
Simple Sock is a great work horse superwash fingering weight yarn. The corriedale wool has a surprisingly soft hand and wonderful drape with the strength to stand up to hard wear.
Fingering Weight
75% Superwash Merino, 15% Nylon, 10% Tencel
100g = 390 Yards
Machine wash cold; lay flat to dry.
Sophistisock is a fabulous blend of scrumptious merino, strong nylon and sparkling tencel. Not only does this yarn have a fabulous hand, the tencel adds a level of sophistication to the color that is unmatched. Because the cellulose fiber doesn't take the dye, the tencel literally sparkles in the light and gives the color a fantastic heather.
Silken DK
DK Weight / 3-ply
85% Polwarth Wool/ 15% Silk
100g = 290 Yards
Handwash in Warm Water
Lay Flat to Dry
Silken DK is a blend of Polwarth wool and silk. The long staple length of Polwarth and the natural strength of silk combine to create a surprisingly strong yarn that has a softness and sheen to die for. The exceptional drape and hand make this ideal for sweaters and next to the skin garments like cowls and scarves.
American Dream Worsted
100% Superwash Merino
100g = 216 Yards
Machine Wash Cold; Lay Flat to Dry
American Worsted lives up to its name. The wool has been 100% raised, milled and dyed in the USA. The merino is as soft as you'd expect but the high twist of this yarn means your project will last longer and pill less than average merino yarns. You may have to use a slightly larger needle than expected to get gauge due to the extremely dense twist on this yarn.
Peruvian Dream Worsted
50% Alpaca, 30% Merino, 20% Silk
100g = 220 yards
Hand Wash Cold; Lay Flat to Dry
This gorgeous yarn has a hand that is unmatched among our yarns. Between alpaca, merino and silk there is almost too much softness to handle. It also has incredible drape and would be great for large cowls or blankets to wrap yourself in fibery bliss.
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