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MJ Tweed Scarf Pattern (PDF)

Designed by Matthew Hesson-McInnis for any of the MJ Fingering Weight Yarns, this pattern pairs well with the MJ Brioche Hat. Together, both projects use one skein each in two coordinating colors. Because swatches were knit using the same stitch pattern as this scarf, many of the possible color combinations for this scarf can be seen below.

Although the vertical color stripes might suggest carrying both colors along every row, knitters familiar with mosaic knitting will recognize this stitch pattern as Barbara Walker's Three and One Tweed pattern. With mosaic knitting, only one color is used for each pair of rows, but slipped stitches are used to pull contrasting-colored stitches up to create the vertical columns of color. Plus, this scarf uses a garter-stitch based mosaic structure, so there are no purl stitches.

Color Combinations using 3-and-1 Tweed Stitch Pattern

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