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MJ Trellis Shawlette Pattern (PDF)

Designed by Matthew Hesson-McInnis for MJ Rustic Fingering Weight Yarn, this pattern requires a single skein of MJ Rustic Fingering Weight Yarn and knits up quickly being working on a US Size 7 needle. Most fingering weight yarns would be excessively drapey and sag out of shape when knit on such a large needle, but part of the charm and appeal of this BFL fingering weight yarn is the way the halo blooms just enough to provide a supple and warm fabric without being a hassle to knit like yarns with much more of a halo. The BFL fiber content not only provides just the right amount of halo but also exhibits an amazing sheen and luster, just gorgeous in each and every MJ Yarns colorway.

The shawlette is just deep enough at the point (17'') to be worn as a small shawl, which is deep enough to cover the shoulders, but it's also long enough (82'') to wrap or tie in front. The shawlette is also shallow enough to be worn as a kerchief or scarf, with the point in front and the ends wrapped around. The photos below show the shawlette worn in both styles.

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