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MJ Linen Stitch Scarf Pattern (PDF)

Designed by Matthew Hesson-McInnis for any of the MJ Fingering Weight Yarns, the linen stitch scarf can be knit in a single color or as many colors as you'd like. Linen stitch has an amazing drape and lies flat, making it an excellent stitch pattern for a scarf. Is a bonus, the two sides are both gorgeous but comletely different. On the right side, the yarn floats that cross over the slipped stitches create a woven look with a very flat, smooth finish. On the reverse side, the work is highly textured and pebbled – the two sides have completely opposite textures. With some scarves, there is one side that you want to have showing, but this scarf is stunning regardless of which side is showing.

Although linen stitch is a great stitch pattern for a scarf knit from most yarns, the short color-runs in MJ yarns really come alive with linen stitch to create complex and nuanced colorplay within the fabric.

The intent of the designer was merely to create a sample garment to showcase all 16 colors across all three fingering weight yarn bases. Until he started knitting the scarf, however, Matthew had no idea just how fantastic the colors would look together and expected most knitters would use a single color (be sure to scroll down to see thumbnails and links to all of the linen stitch swatch pictures). Once the sample was underway, however, it was obvious not only that each of the colors is gorgeous in this stitch pattern, but also that the colors play so well together that it may take a while to decide which colors to use together if you limit it to just a few colors.

The pattern provides instructions and tips for using multiple colors, if desired, and for weaving in the ends so they are virtually invisible. The pattern also uses a slipped stitch selvedge, which produces a neat, tidy edge that works well with this stitch pattern in which alternate stitches are slipped on each row.

Color Swatches for Linen Stitch (Above) and Reverse (Below)

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